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Winter Style: Cozy Coats

Coats don’t have to be just a necessity to keep us warm ya know — they actually can stand out on their own, or work to add the finishing touch on a certain look.

As Winter gears up, and it’s just gonna get colder and colder these January and February days, coats will be essential for going out in. You can wear an oversized peacoat that fully covers your body and whimsically plays with proportions, or you can opt for an on-trend colored fur coat, for that extra “pop.” Whichever style works for you, it doesn’t mean your Winter look has to be as dreary as the weather outside.

I’m going to focus this post on three particular coat trends to look for this Winter 2021: 1) The Michelin Man Puffer, 2) The Classic Turned Upside Down Peacoat, and 3) The Statement Head-turning Fur.


The Puffer


Ok, so hear me out... The oversized puffer look definitely isn’t for everybody. And at first, you’ll probably feel really silly, like you should be wearing skis getting on a lift up the mountain, not walking around the outdoor farmer’s market.

BUT, that’s kind of the beauty of the puffer style, the fact that you can be warm enough to go trek through the snow, while just running your basic errands... AND it’s still stylish. Besides, part of making the look work is emphasizing the puffiness of the coat. Extra puffy on the outside = extra cozy on the inside, don’t forget!

Prada just launched their Re-Nylon 2020 collection recently, too. Now when you add Prada to puffer, the Michelin Man look instantly becomes high fashion instead. And who doesn’t love that? Prada also shows us how we can style the Puffer with a belt, to cinch at the waist and create more of an optical illusion with curves.

*Fun Fact: German/London-based Leonie Hanne is one of my favorite modern style icons! She’s partnered with skincare giants like La Mer and couture classics like Louis Vuitton and Fendi. She’s living in Germany now, so perfect winter inspo because even I know in Baltimore that Germany must be super chilly right now lol!*

The Peacoat


Now the peacoat, unlike the puffer, is an old-timey classic. It’s been around since the 1800s when the it was first seen by the naval powerhouse the Dutch. Peacoats, or pea coat (sometimes you’ll see it as two words), are strongly rooted in military and naval backgrounds. The term “pea coat” actually originates from the Dutch word “pije,” which was used as a Dutch term to describe coats made from coarse wool fabrics. But even though the Dutch may have designed the peacoat, it was the British naval forces that popularized the peacoat and made it fashionable.

Peacoats are normally either single- or double-breasted. This just refers to the number of button columns that run down the front of the coat. Double-breasted is often considered to be the more formal option of the two.

Great part about peacoats is how you can really style them, either with size, shape, material, and/or pattern. Not all modern peacoats are wool, like the old Dutch ones. Some of them are even brightly patterned Tweed! Peacoats can also be more fitted, with smooth, slimming lines. Or, recently, stylists are now going with the oversized look for peacoats, just like their newer cousin the Puffer. One of the best parts of the oversized peacoat is that you can actually layer other coats or jackets underneath the larger peacoat, which means extra warmth on a cold, windy day!

The Fur


Fur is another classic, but a much bolder option than a more subtle peacoat vibe...

Fur coats are very Jackie O, and the fur can definitely be up-played like Jackie’s style, or more down-played with a shearling alternative.

Fur coats definitely are a sign of luxury, especially when we think of the traditional wrist to ankle mink coats or the modern Saks Potts. Saks Potts does a colorful play on luxury fur coats, because they dye their fur crazy and flamboyant colors like lime green and hot pink. Celebrities have definitely picked up on the trend, and you can see the likes of top supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner in Saks Potts.

But you can also go a more cost-effective route like the brand Heartloom that uses rabbit fur, but without the Saks Potts markup (Saks Potts retails at around $1,799 USD for a long coat, whereas Heartloom Rosa jacket retails at $219 USD). Another less expensive alternative, that’s also vegan and animal rights friendly, is going with faux fur. Brands like Heartloom will also do faux fur options, that are often less money, but still can be of equally high quality.

(Image above: Heartloom Rosa jacket, comes in other color options as well)

As a personal recommendation, if you do buy real fur, make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy brand/source. Because you never know what people are doing to acquire that fur... Another great option for less expensive, but still real fur is buying vintage. A lot of nice vintage shops will sell used classic fur coats like Jackie O’s, which will often be less expensive than buying real fur brand new. Besides, you’re also giving new life to an old coat that otherwise would’ve probably sat in a closeted basement somewhere!

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