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Why blog in the first place?

To Be Kat is my free space to speak on my personal interests, passions, plans, and life. We all have stories to share with the world, that are special to each one of us. 

To Be Kat is about my individual story and my desire to be transparent and real with others. Social media is filled with negative and damaging influences, but I want to change that. I want to be straight with people, and this is my platform to spread honesty and authenticity about what makes me who I am (Kat).

My hope is that through this blog you can learn more about me and maybe even find a bit of yourself in me, as well. I think we all as humans are interconnected in diverse and immeasurable ways. So follow and connect with me! :)

Green Typewriter
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Walking the pupper | Tennis | Arts & Crafts | Watching classic movies | Decorating cupcakes to give to people | Belting out to Disney or musical songs | Drawing (either on paper or my iPad) | Picking out gifts for friends and family


Fav Shows, Movies, & Music

How I Met Your Mother for the upteenth time | Classic Rock (I went to see Elton John's first stop in Philly on his final tour) | Cheesy and cringeworthy rom coms | Marvel anything because I'm a sucker for superheroes (and more importantly super-heroines) | Little Women (if you haven't seen the latest version it's a must! One of my all-time fav books too)


Who are "My People"

The Floofer - My 2 yr old St. Bernard Atlas | Jay - life partner and permanent pain in my butt | My Mom - biggest supporter with the dryest sense of humor you'll ever find | My Dad - Literal walking encyclopedia MD, PhD | My Big Sis - we grew up with a big age group so she basically helped raise me | My Brother (in law) - sister's husband, but I knew him since I was a baby so essentially my protective big brother | Da Baby of the Fam - my sweet little nephew/godson John


The Good, Bad, and Sometimes Ugly

I'm super Type A of a person | I love to host a party or dinner | I enjoy volunteering with organizations like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (environmental stewardship) and All Hands and Hearts (natural disaster relief) | I'm extremely stubborn and will keep fighting until I win | I'm gullible, like realllyyy gullible | I tend to forgive too easily | I've personally suffered from mental illness, so I try advocating for mental health awareness best I can

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