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The Face Mask Line-up

Let's face it (pun fully intended haha!), our lives have changed due to this pandemic. Now face masks are a regular item that you can't leave the house without, just like your wallet or keys. #maskup But just because it's utilitarian, doesn't mean we can't make it cute and fashionable!

Wanted to share some of my favorite face masks with you (and some mask necklaces too), so you can finally walk out of the house looking fashionable and without having to wear a bright blue mask that doesn't go with anything! :)

For the Broke Just Graduated College Student: Kitsch

Pic. 1: Cotton Face Mask 3pc Set, in Leopard ($12)

Pic. 2: Cotton Face Mask 3pc Set, in Dusty Rose ($12)

Pic. 3: Ultimate Mask Bundle ($72)

For the Upscale, Classy, Brunch-goer: Lele Sadoughi

Pic. 1: Set of 3 picnic masks ($40)

Pic. 2: Set of 3 classic pearl face masks ($49)

Pic. 3: Jet pearl face mask and headband set ($49)

Pic. 4: Set of 3 Snow cap face masks ($40)

Pic. 5: Rainbow beaded face mask and eyeglass chain ($85)

Pic. 6: Golden cable link sunglass chain ($75)

Pic. 7: Pearl sunglass chain ($75)

**Fun fact: Lele also makes mommy & me matching face mask sets too!

For the Tree Hugger: Christy Dawn

Pic. 1: The Sustainable Mask, in Adult Rose Florals 3-pack ($20 originally, now $14)

Pic. 2: The Sustainable Mask, in Adult Desert Sunset Linens 3-pack ($30 originally, now $21)

Pic. 3: The Sustainable Mask, in Adult Silk, individual assorted colors ($28 originally, now $20)

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