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"I like to Move it, Move it"

So big news for us! We're (the "we" is my boyfriend and me) considering moving into our first place together!!!

Before you hold your applause, we've been together for over five years, and we're currently living together at my parents' house right now. I grew up here at this house, and his family is literally a 12 minute drive away, even missing some of the traffic lights.

Since it took him a while to find work (struggles of entering the workforce during a global pandemic after graduating Spring 2020 from University) and I'm still finishing my Bachelor's, we held off on moving out. We've been staying here for a while now, not like my parents mind at all. (Not sure who they're happier to have home, me or my dog haha!)

But after a looonnnggggggg search process, he finally has a short-term contract at a private equity firm (sounds fancier than it actually is don't worry), and me only taking a couple of courses in the Spring to finish out my requirements, we decided moving after the new year would make sense.

We still have to figure out where exactly. Ideally, we're thinking about a rowhouse in Downtown Baltimore, instead of a traditional apartment complex. A complex would be nice because of the amenities, at the same time it's not like we can really enjoy a pool or shared gym now during the pandemic. Also, we're really only looking to sign a short-term lease, since we aren't sure where we'll be living next Fall 2021. Because by then, we might both be in grad school, or maybe just one of us and the other working. Either way, Fall is still up in the air, so signing a whole year-long lease just doesn't seem to make sense, especially financially.

Thankfully, a lot of the rowhouses Downtown are for rent and homeowners are gladly looking for just any kind of renter. However, he's working remotely right now because the firm is based out of Greenwich, CT. So, we're still working out the details of whether we should look for a place here in Baltimore, or consider a short-term lease near Greenwich instead.

Either way, very exciting! It's been nice to live where I grew up -- bonus, it's rent-free and Mom and Dad pay for our groceries. However, moving back home also comes with its disadvantages, too. My Mom is still adamant that we inform her whether or not we'll be home for dinner, and my dad is constantly peering over my shoulder to see if I'm keeping up on my schoolwork. So not exactly the ideal living situation, even if it does come with its perks haha.

On the bright side, with the timing, I've been able to steal on some of the Cyber Week deals for homegoods. I'll make a following post with some pics of what I've been getting and some interior design ideas. Obviously, we'll have to cater things to the specific place and layout. So we're going to hold out on purchasing something like a bed, since we don't know if will be a full or queen. But I was still able to get a couch that's of average size since that'll fit in practically any space. I also got some smaller area rugs and just some fun knick-knack type things for the house.

I've recently gotten into getting a bunch of puzzles and games for us to have at the current house, but also our future place. I will definitely stand by the fact that games and toys like Legos are NOT just for kids. I am so here for the Adult Lego Movement (did I just coin that phrase haha?)! I'll do a whole post on some of my game and puzzle recommendations for those of you that either have kids, or want to let their inner kid out because there's nothing better to do cooped up at home.

Just wanted to give you all that update. Look for some future posts to come on some of the brand new things I got and some reviews! :)

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