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Stocking Stuffer Ideas <33

Here are some of my recommendations for some fun stocking stuffer ideas for the moms, sisters, and girlfriends in your life!!

Covid Related

'Tis the season still for Covid-19! But you can still make the most of this socially distanced holiday, by filling the stocking with covid-themed goodies. Get a cute hand sanitizer like the ones below from Paddywax, or get a scented one instead! Do a festive face mask, like the Z Supply ones below, and advertise whether you're feeling naughty or nice today ;). My personal favorite, is No.2's stylish toilet paper. Fun fact: No.2 toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo, which is a sustainable source, so good for the environment. But also, look how fashionable those toilet paper prints are! Who knew you could make toilet paper decorative?!


Face Masks

Get the girls some fun face masks, you can buy in whole sets or just in singles! I think getting single sheet masks are especially fun, because then you can really customize the face mask formulas/blends for the specific person and what their skin needs. Some of my favorite brands to sell singles are Lapcos, Dr. Jart+, and TonyMoly. Check out Lapcos and TonyMoly especially for their really personalized formulas for each type of mask!


Beauty Extras

Here are just some other ideas for little things to add in! Have you heard of the brand MakeUp Eraser? It's a new kid on the block, but such a great idea! Instead of using disposable makeup wipes, MakeUp Eraser provides you with a reusable towel to clean off your makeup after a long day (or even night) out. The crazy part is, MakeUp Eraser towels aren't just regular run-of-the-mill towels. They ACTUALLY wipe off all that pesky residue from your makeup, leaving your skin nice and clean. (Pro tip: Always take your makeup off completely when you're done to prevent breakouts. So important, even when you're exhausted at the end of the day -- your skin will thank you!)

Do a fun lip balm, like Smith's classic Rosebud salve. Kitsch also has some fun and easy small things, that are as affordable as they are adorable! Get her some cute hair scrunchies to add a little pop to a basic pony. Or, do a silk pillowcase to protect her skin and hair overnight while she sleeps.

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